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The Museum-theatre of Salvador Dali in Фигейрасmay 11, 1904 in the town of Figueres, in the...

The Museum-theatre of Salvador Dali in Фигейрас

may 11, 1904 in the town of Figueres, in the family of the municipal notary, birthplace of the great genius of surrealism of Salvador Dali. In the 1920s Gave left his native city. A reason for the departure was a Russian emigrant Elena Dyakonova ( later known to the world as Gala Dali), not adopted by the Catholic family of the artist.
Then Salvador thought that permanently leaves Figueres and tears with roots. But after the thirtieth in Paris, and forties in new York, Salvador in the fifties and returned to his hometown.

In 1960, the mayor of the city becomes one RG Rovira. The mayor turned to El Salvador with a request to give one of his paintings to the city Museum. What Gave immediately exclaimed: «let not the picture, and a Museum!»

The idea of creating a Museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres in the region of Catalonia and the concept of its filling is wholly Salvador Dali. The great artist had a very special vision which allowed him to see not just the things and ideas built into them. Although Salvador always willingly took tips and hints others, to work together with someone he couldn't do it.

The basis of the future Museum was chosen theatre Принсипаль, which is a quarter of a century lay in ruins. The construction of the Museum took 14 years. In this creation Salvador Dali invested much of his small state. Also used donations artist friends and subsidies identified by the Spanish government. Still unknown total amount spent money. Salvador Dali said that all his life was a theatre and what better place for a Museum it is not found. It was in this theater Salvador first exhibited one of his paintings, he was 14 years old.

The road to the Museum shows numerous pointers, which repeat the work of Dali. At first glance at the Museum we can't forget about Humpty Dumpty. A string of giant white eggs are located on the red wall inlaid with gold Karavaev and the cornice of the tower Galatea (named after the wife of the artist - Gala). In the eyes catch not only eggs, but also spherical dome, built over the space of a scene. Erected this dome Emilio Perez Пиньеро. Now the dome is the albumai not only a Museum, but also the entire city.

Hours-long marathon of depths of the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres begins with cash. There is a lobby and a staircase. All the marches and the levels of the ladder represent separate Halls.

Theatre - Museum - phantasmagoria spaces where disappear the usual spatial orientation.

Hall masterpieces - they are the creations of famous predecessors wizard. From El Greco to Marcel Duchamp. «Slave » Микелианджело black.

Rue de Traian (hall Trajan), named after the signs with the name of the street, who was taken by El Salvador in Cannes. Venus De Milo Salvador Dali. It differs from original collection» embedded in the body of the statue of drawers. Hall Mae West, or room face, which Dali made of facial features is a film star. Sofa in the shape of the lips is the most famous part of the interior invented by surrealist. There are many rooms through which visitors: hall fish series, hall necklaces, hall drawings, vault, Palace of the winds, treasures hall, the hall of poetry in America...

Describe and organize the Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres is entirely impossible. Dali simply excluded the possibility of creating this requirement labyrinth and fill usual at first sight, things that have acquired here have other meaning and significance. For example, placed near the hall of the masterpieces of sculpture «Slave» Микелианджело painted black and supplemented by a collar, instead bedside tables is gilded skeleton, and from windowpanes, cut in the belly of a huge bronze cock looks Chinese.

To view the entire Theatre - Museum not returning halls which have been impossible. Moreover, it is not necessary. Quaint location of exhibits and many of them, at different perspective of the review is presented to visitors as something completely new. To get out of this trance is possible only under the influence of the artist is no less great than Gave himself nature. At the end of the visitors come to «the world», where you can relax and gain strength before the way back. But the Salvador Dali and then not changed him, he didn't take the rest as mere contemplation. «Peace» is an inner yard with round shape. Perimeter walls are decorated with rows of niches are sculptures. According to the authors, located in the center of the scene a man should be slightly dizzy. Achieves this effect through the sensation inverted world - a kind of turned inside out of the Coliseum. The narrowness of the «scenes» symbolizes the vanity of life. On a small patch with visitors, exhibited big sculptures, the rest of the space is occupied large cement beds with evergreen plants.

Outrageous and the mixture of styles is woven into the architecture of the Theatre - Museum. The idea is that the building has only three floors high, but high first broken on additional levels, due to which the building turns into a six-storey. Because erected on the scene of a huge glass dome, is created the atmosphere experiment in which the viewer is a Guinea pig, surrounded by the prying eyes of paintings.

This Museum has become intravital monument to the great Salvador Dali, and after his death became the mausoleum.

Salvador Felix Хосинто Dali, Marquis de Пуболь (the title was granted to the artist in 1982, king of Spain Juan Carlos for her exceptional contribution to the culture of Spain») passed away on January 23, 1989. Dali bequeathed to bury themselves in the Theatre - Museum and that would be his grave can freely walk people. In the room where he was buried Salvador cannot be flash photography.

The Salvador Dali Museum in Figueres was the last masterpiece of the great surrealist. Perhaps this symbol of his work is the key to understanding the genius of the artist.












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